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JAM is small music club in Opava city (60 thousands inhabitants) which is situated in north-east corner of the Czech Republic.
Club capacity is 150 living (or max 250 half-dead) people, garden capacity is another 70 people. Club was founded in 1998 and plays mostly pop, rock & metal music, and also punk, raggae, ska, dnb and tekno.
We prefer gigs on Saturday, but it's possible to play also on Monday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday, but NOT on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Gigs in club aren't time-limited, there's no strict police hour.
Bands which were playing here in last years includes:
The Real McKenzies (CAN), Adam Bomb (USA), First Blood (USA), Death Before Dishonor (USA), The Mongoloids (USA), COUNTDOWN (B), Accelerators (NL), The Dangerfields (UK), The Murderburgers (UK), This Aint Vegas (UK), Ticking Bombs (SWE), Crushing Caspars (DE), Genetiks (D), Frivolvol (FIN), Johnny Rocket (D), The Riot gang (RU), Septicopyemia (RU), Stumbling Pins (DE), Plum (PL), Skampararas (PL), Propellers (PL), Geltshit (PL), Chvor (BULGARIA), Guachass (Uruguay), Zubrowska (FR), Loading Data (FR), Water Pipe Cult (Monaco), Junkie Daddies (IT) and many more...

technical equipment

  • stage 4x4m
  • sound 2x1200W
  • mix Soundcraft FX16ii (26 inputs, 16 mono mic inputs, 4 stereo returns, Lexicon effects)
  • 1x DBX DriveRack PA+ (equalizer, crossover, limiter, feedback eliminator, compresor, ...)
  • 2x DBX 266XL (2 channel compressor/gate)
  • 1x DBX DD 1074 (4 channel noise gate)
  • 2x SHURE SM58
  • 2x SHURE SM57
  • 1x AKG D112
  • 3x AKG D40
  • 2x AKG C430
  • + noname mics...
  • 4x DiBOX
  • 6x LED PAR54
  • 1x 150W strobo
  • backstage 20m2



Opava is a small city in north-east corner of the Czech Republic. It is 30km west from Ostrava, third biggest city of the Czech Republic. There's a czech main highway D1 throught Ostrava, which runs to Brno and Prague. Exit to Opava is on 330th km of D1.

Oticka 1249/14
746 01  Opava
GPS: 49°56'5.393"N, 17°53'57.333"E
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Mikeš Oslanec: produkce@musicbarjam.cz

opening hours

Monday:2 pm - 1 am
Tuesday:2 pm - 3 am
Wednesday:2 pm - 3 am
Thursday:2 pm - 1 am
Friday:2 pm - 3 am
Saturday:5 pm - 3 am
Sunday:5 pm - 1 am
(closing time is flexible according to people)